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Dealing with dogs.

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  • Dealing with dogs.

    Have you ever had a problem when mowing dealing with dogs? How do you handle such events?

    Pit bull proposal raises tempers - The biggest ovation and a standing one came for the son of Alan Hill, who on May 4 fought for his life against three pit bulls that attacked him while he was mowing a lawn. Hill has been hospitalized since with blood loss, severe bites and nerve damage.
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    Usually on the mowers they never bother me. I had one last year look like he was going to attack me, I had an edger in my hand and would have killed him with it, had he tried to bite me.


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      I personally have never had a problem with dogs or any type of animals. I am a animal person and so maybe they sense that I am not afraid of them or are of no threat to them.

      It seems a lot of times that dogs are afraid of me more than anything.


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        Never had dog issues..but
        I had a mother bird try to "get" me, i was mowing near her nest with babys...she would "swoop" at me turn around and do it again..
        same house had a hornet issue, just about every year (they were my 2nd customer and stuck with me till the end) they are an old couple so i was always pretty cool about it (even though im alergic (sp?) to bees/whasp/hornets) they would supply cans of spray for us...we would carry them on the mowers...."the good old days"


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