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History of Lawn Care Chemicals.

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  • History of Lawn Care Chemicals.

    Here is an interesting background on where lawn care chemicals came from. Have you ever heard this? Do you agree or disagree with it?

    Greening Your Grass the Eco Way - Q: CURWOOD: But the chemical companies Urvashi say they're safe.

    A: RANGAN: Yeah, what people sometimes don't realize is where pesticides originated from, and it came after World War II, actually, when we were developing chemical warfare. And these are basically agents used to zap people that we diluted down to zap pests. So if you're gonna use a chemical lawn company, ask them where EPA classifies the active ingredients. Are they potentially harmful?

    You can do some homework yourself by cross-checking the active ingredients in those products with the environmental protection's cancer list. So, for example, carbaryl, which is a common active ingredient in pesticides, is considered to be a likely human carcinogen. And there's more than a dozen that are considered by the Environmental Protection Agency to have some probable or possible carcinogenicity.
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    I hate to say this, but I have been really trying more and more to get away from the extreme chemical area, and do more culutural practices instead.

    I think that people are going to have to change big time such as watering, pesticides, fuel useage, etc. So lately I have been looking into more cost effective ways of doing business, such as culutural things and believe it or not organic.


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