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  • Stubborn Weed!

    I have some weeds in my yard that Round-up will not kill...that is frustrating!
    Troy, do you know of a weed that looks almost like a mini pine tree, and does not die when sprayed repeatedly with round-up? What else can kill them? Pulling them doesn't help, they come right back. I have noticed a few fast food places here infested with them as well, maybe their guys can't kill them either...

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    anyone have any ideas on how I can track down an answer to this. Is there a book of weeds, to look it up? Would a small propane torch kill them and stop them from coming back?


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      Try a vegatation killer

      be careful though where you spray it, because the effects of it can last sometimes up to a year

      Is it a "Yew"? or perhaps "Yarrow"?


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        Sounds like 'Horsetail' to me. I use a mix of equal parts round up and preimum 3 way and that takes care of that. However you need to make sure you spray it before it goes into its fruiting stage. Horsetail root systems can run down up to 6 feet a bugger to deal with.


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          here is a pic of horsetail


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            yes, that is it exactly!!
            They are all smaller now than that pic, but looks the same. Where can I buy that premium? Do they sell it at lesco?


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              well I am up here in Canada...I buy it at the Co-op FS. It is called
              premium 3 way here and contains 2,4-D I do not know the regulations in the States for 2,4-D....I know the government banned its use in Southern Ontario.

              Try a Google search for premium 3 way...


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                I sprayed them all with Vinegar...1 week and only one new one has popped up. I am hoping to have it killed this season!


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