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  • Drought Resistant Grass?

    Have you ever heard of this before? Drought resistant grass? Very interesting stuff.

    Drought resistant grass. - Water may not be a tight commodity this year, but you should still be planning for higher costs.

    A local company may have the answer **** a drought-resistant grass that could pay for itself even in good water years. Landscapers have been busy lately, laying sod at the new Eagle City Hall. Not an unusual sight these days, but what is different is the grass itself.

    "The grass is called RTF. That's an acronym for Rhizomatous Tall Fescue," said Bob Johnson, business manager at The Turf Company.

    It's a relatively new type of grass, and very few growers are licensed to produce it. So what's so special about it? Johnson said it's all in the amount of water RTF requires.

    "You get the same texture as the Bluegrass, but it uses probably 37 percent less water and takes 40 percent less maintenance," said Johnson.
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