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  • Notification rules?

    Is this the wave of the future? Will it be good or bad for the industry?

    New Lawn Law Costs Time and Money - Monroe County residents who have their lawns treated with pesticides might have noticed a rise in the costs for that service. Many lawn services say itís due to the new pesticide notification law.

    The law requires that neighbors of someone getting treatments for their lawns receive printed notices 48 hours notice before the pesticides are applied.

    Lori Broccolo of Broccolo Tree & Lawn Care, figures notification for each new customer translates to about $50 for administrative costs. She's swallowing $25 dollars of that and tacking $25 on the cost of each new job.
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    I personally wouldn't mind it if I had to do that every time. Sure, its a pain, but not something that would dirve prices up more than 50 cents extra.


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