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  • 25-4-19

    Question: What does that mean on the bag of fertilizer?

    Answer: 25 (Nitrogen), 4 (Phosphorous), and 19 (Potassium). You can also use these numbers to figure out exactly how much of lbs per bag each individual ingredient is in the bag. It's a very simple procedure, lets take Nitrogen:

    Imagine you just purchased a 50lb of fertilizer that has 25-4-19 in it. If we take Nitrogen (25), it means that 25% of that 50lbs is Nitrogen. To figure out the exact lbs, just multiply the 25% by the 50, and you will get 12.5 lbs of Nitrogen in that 50 lb bag.

    Now lets take it a step further: Let's say you want to apply 1lb of Nitrogen per 1,000 sq ft of your property. If we take that 12.5lbs of Nitrogen, multiply that by 1,000, that means that the 50lb bag can cover 12,500 sq ft.

    But what about if you want to apply 1 1/2 lbs per 1,000 sq ft? The easiest way that I do it, is take that 12.5lbs, divide by 1.5lbs, which will give you approx 8.3lbs of Nitrogen. Take that 8.3lbs of Nitrogen, multiply it by 1,000, and you will get 8,300 sq ft of coverage at 1 1/2lbs per 1,000 with that 50lb bag.

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