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    Question: *What should I look for in regards to a pesticide applicator?

    Answer: *Most states require pesticide applicators and their business to be licensed through the States Department of Agriculture. *Applicators should provide you with a copy of their license at the time of the estimate, as well as insurance coverage. *

    Don't be afraid to ask for product labels and MSDS sheets for the products that will be applied on your property. *Most states require it by law that pesticide application businesses must not only provide you with copies, but carry those sheets with them at all times for quick reference. *

    Grill the applicators hard with questions in regarding to safety of the product, personal property equipment that they must wear, when you can enter the area after an application, and the amount of the chemical that is being applied. *By federal law, a pesticide company can not say that a pesticide product is "100% safe".

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