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Low pressure to sprinklers HELP!!!!!

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  • Low pressure to sprinklers HELP!!!!!

    When I first installed my sprinklers I had 60PSI and everything worked great. Then the county dropped me to 30PSI and now they just dont work. I have had the county out here 2 times and both times they said "Just deal with it, 30PSI is all you are getting. When the system kicks on it drops to 18PSI. Today they ran like this for 45 minutes before popping up. LEt me know if you have trouble seeing the facebook video and I will upload it to youtube or something. I read the 32SA requires a minimum of 30PSI to run. I only have 3 heads on this station so I can't remove any or parts of the lawn will die. Is there maybe any heads that will still give the coverage but function on lower pressure? Any advice? I'm at my wits end with this. My front station has only 2 of these heads and dose the same thing.
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    There are low pressure heads that should pop up with a lower pressure. If that doesnt work, maybe you will need less zones or less heads per zone? Or maybe have a tank that you can fill up and then pump water at a higher pressure from that tank to your irrigation system?
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      I watched the video. You could have a hanging diaphragm, stuck backflow preventer (if the system uses one) or a leak. Does it do the same thing if you manually open the valve? For all intents and purposes, city water should be able to maintain volume at 30psi and not drop that far.


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