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    Hey Guys

    I have this customer, where i usually cut the grass to about 3" every 10 days. i recently started to go a bit shorter to like 2". as far as i remember when i first cut it a bit shorter it looked right, although the grass needed fertilizing. i did the fertilizing precisely, i probably used like 20% more fertilizer than the suggested dose. I also set the irrigation system to like 20 minutes a day, which was probably too much because the ground was usually still wet in the late afternoon.
    that overwatering went on for like 2-3 weeks every day.

    now when i was cutting again at the 2" length it was so ugly, the whole lawn turned yellow after cutting. Its like the bottom half of the blades are yellow and the upper half is green. Now my only option to make it look nice is to cut it again at 3" length where the grass is still green, which is too long for the customer, and i also think its unhealthy for the lawn. I also have to say the grass is so dense u cant see the ground under it, its like a carpet. I think the last maintenance team did the aeriation poorly.

    What u guys think what is the problem and how could i solve the problem?

    My theories why the grass looks so yellow at a lower height:

    - It was let to grow too long
    - Maybe that 20% more fertilizer dose burned the lawn
    - The overwatering made the lawn turn yellow

    last week when i cut it the whole thing was so yellow that it looked ugly

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    One of the things that stands out to me is if you water the lawn too much, the roots won't grow deep, which can cause the lawn to be stressed after mowing, especially in hot times of the year. Another thing to keep in mind is that certain grasses when cut below 3 inches will yellow because the growing nodes are damaged.

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      What type of lawn does your customer have?


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