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    how many steps in your lawn program do you guys think sells better. Right now I offer 3 steps. Step 1 is pre emergent and milorganite in spring. Step 2 is aerate, starter fert, and seed in early fall. Step 3 is milorganite after thanksgiving for winterization. Lime if needed. I could break down this program into more than 3 steps but in my mind its simple and easy for customers to understand but do customers think more is better?

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    Until someone else can jump in and offer what they do, here is a recent post that may help.

    3 Applications or 5 Applications
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      I would say it really depends on your area. In my area, everyone runs either a 5 or 6 step program. I run 6 myself and even sometimes a 7th, depending on the year. This year for instance I ran a 7th as optional and had some people do it and some people didn't.

      I will try to upload my program sheet that I run. My representative at SiteOne gave me their recommended schedule for the area and I modified it some to come up with this.

      I know some people will say that this is overkill, and for their area maybe it is. For their client's maybe it is. But for around here, if you want a great looking yard, this is what it takes. I'm in Central KY, so we get the weeds the guys in the north get, and the weeds from the south. We also have to deal with Bermuda, Zoyisan, and Bentgrass coming in and taking over, which are not desirable grasses around here, but can certainly grow here. I run this program on my lawn (keep in mind that not lawns around me run a program so I'm constantly getting weed seeds in my lawn) and mine looks great. It stays green through the summer when everyone else is brown and I rarely get weeds (mostly crabgrass coming in from neighbors, every once in a while some nutsedge). That is why I use Q4 instead of Three way or Dimension, for the nutsedge and crabgrass. Most companies around here won't treat post-emergent for these, so using the Q4 gives me a competitive advantage over the other guys.
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