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Laying new grass, Sod tips

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  • Laying new grass, Sod tips

    Hey guys,

    A few of my estimates are sod / turf based - it has been a while since I have done this so I have a few questions.

    - I know Spring and Fall are ideal temperatures for new turf, is summer a viable option with proper precaution?

    - What do you typically price at per square foot for labor

    - Rake out old dead areas,
    - Roto till soil
    - Add black earth, roto till again
    - Lay new turf neatly
    - Soak with water

    Review maintenance schedule with homeowner,

    Anything else I should know?

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    Let me point out a few sod bid examples that may help you.

    I need help on a sod job.

    How to prepare for a sod installation job.

    Sod bid estimate example.

    And there is a bunch more sod topics in my blog.

    Does that help?
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      Is Black Earth high quality top soil or a soil amendment?

      I also add fertilizer and you need to use a lawn roller also. If you don't roll, the sod will have pockets of air and water that won't allow the roots to reach the soil below and it will die out. I see this all the time around where I am at since the home builders never roll after.

      Also, you may consider including like the first year of care int he price or at least talk to the customer about it. One of the worst things is to pay $1500 for sod and then have nothing but weeds a year later.


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