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Questions for a patchy yard.

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  • Questions for a patchy yard.

    I have a customer with a patchy contractor grass yard, it is very sandy and sporadically dotted with pine and oak trees. He says the Ph level is 5?

    His questions are should he till up the existing yard before reseeding? Should he spray and kill the existing yard and reseed? Should he add lime? Etc

    Just looking for advice to give the guy, I will most likely not be doing the work as I am a basic yard cutter only Thanks for the help everyone!

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    Do you know if the customer has any pets that use the lawn regularly that might be causing lawn issues?

    When it comes to prepping the sod, I have a lot of articles in my blog about this like this one

    How to prepare for a sod installation job.

    Here are some more sod discussions on my blog.

    Let me know if this helps.
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