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Description and Benefits of Artificial Grass

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  • Description and Benefits of Artificial Grass

    what is the good Description and Benefits of Artificial Grass?

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    You get to blow or vacuum the leaves up instead of mulching them.
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      I would start by looking for people in your area or anywhere that make or sell the artificial grass. I'm sure they have the pros of owning artificial grass on their site or would be willing to tell you if you call and ask.

      Also if your going to give this information to your customer I would be sure to tell them if there are any cons to having this artificial turf. Like if its plastic it will melt if you have a BBQ pit and drop hot coals on it. I wouldn't run them away from it if that is what they want, but be truthful when your informative. You don't wanna do something and they not like that it... does whatever and then give you bad reviews over it.


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        what is the good Description and Benefits of Artificial Grass?
        What are you trying to do with it? Are you wanting to sell more putting greens? Are you trying to replace an entire lawn with artificial grass?

        If you start with what you are trying to do, you can direct the description and benefits more to that purpose.
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          It is something we are considering. We have severe drought and are currently limited to watering twice a week. Additionally, when we do start watering our grass, the water bill goes up by $100 a month. Plus the upkeep of the lawn which is several hundred dollars a year due to terrible soil conditions here.

          That being said, we haven't priced out putting in turf vs. hiring a lawn company for a season to get our yard into shape. We have a 1/2 acre, but only have a very small patch of actual grass.

          I think if you are in a drought prone area (we only get 12 inches of precipitation a year), then it can be a benefit.


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            what is the good Description and Benefits of Artificial Grass?
            benefits of artificial grass :

            Low maintenance
            No watering
            saves money
            Cleaner and more hygienically safe


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              I'm just using my imagination.

              1. If put over earth (no grass), the underneath of the lawn will most likely be harboring pests of all sorts, that are ruining the neighbors lawns. I'm not sure, but I'd also be curious to know if there is any chance that mold/bacteria will be able to produce.

              2. The city will tear it apart when they need to do some work on the pipes.

              3. It looks extremely noticeable and 'funny' in the springtime and during a drought.

              4. Your neighbors will think you're a cheap bastard.

              5. In the winter, how well will it hold up against salt and gravel thrown on it from the plows? I do personally think it will do alright the first few years, but it'd be a dusty mess considering nothing will decompose properly.

              6. The chemicals used in the product would concern me the most, what do they use?

              7. Can the damaged pieces be recycled?

              Hope this helps!!!!


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                Since nobody else has addressed it, I will now describe artificial grass...

                It is grass... that is fake.

                If there are any further questions, feel free to ask!


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