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    yeah i was stunned too when i found this, but one of the reason i believe i read some where, its that any feed of substance use for food can create other fungal, or attract other pest.

    like corn meal can be use to kill fire ants. BUT IT WILL attract deer and such.

    when i start doing all my fertilization program two years ago i start researching anything organic cause it suit my business and believe me i came out with some bad axxxx way to make liquid organic fertilizer from roots enhancer to grow agents and i spend days and money on finding the way on keep them from brewing and affordable ways to apply them (to hot its no good) etc. till the day one license applicator came and ask me if i was certify to apply organics matter in the state of TX i say that i dint know that i need a license to apply fertilizer well he wasnt a dick and actually hook me up with the links etc.

    i found out i need a license to make or brew product need to be OMRI certified to sell etc, etc, etc,

    here is the link to why$ext.ViewTAC?tac_view=4&ti=4&pt=1&ch=18
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