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  • Mulch aeration

    I recently picked up a bid sheet for a group of condos. There are 39 condos all grouped together. One of the services to bid on is "aerating of the mulch and replaced if needed twice a year." I am familiar with lawn aeration but mulch aeration is new to me. What exactly does this consist of?

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    Sounds like they want you to fluff it up where its packed down. I would just tell them your going to lay new mulch down. Its what you do every spring. Mulch decomposes and gets compressed over time. I try to sell mulch every day im out in the summer. Go with new mulch and you will be good. it will look nice and clean and really makes the landscape beds or walkways pop.


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      Sounds about right. They say they want it pulled six inches away from the buildings, away from the tree trunks, etc. which I understand. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.