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    LOL I can just see the talk of the town now, the guy smelling grass for piss lol I guess I will never know unless I try it to be for sure though. As far as rain, we have had none in a long time, the sprinklers however run daily, I wander if its not getting over watered? hmmmm. I just went and cut it yesterday afternoon and about puked when I pulled up, The house next store had sod installed, the day was 108F and it was never watered, it is a foreclosure and the bank hired a person to do it, in the 3rd picture you can see the dead sod and weeds growing through it. This person has made a few comments about the annoying weeds in the lawn WELL!!!! When I arrived yesterday I saw that someone had mowed the weeds on the dead sod next store and clearly did it with a side discharge and no bag as they through the weeds all over her lawn and just left them there. It turned out not being a big deal because my mower picked up and bagged the dead weeds but how tacky is that for a property maintenance person to do such a thing? I guess if there is any silver lining I will probably be getting that account as soon as someone with the bank sees the yard lol

    Another thought I had is I read about how edgers, trimmers exc exc can knock pop up sprinklers out of alignment so maybe this has happened and the dead parts are simply just getting no water. I want to show up one day "not un announced" and view how they are working to be sure but is there a way to tell if they are pointed the correct way just by looking at them with the system off? Can I maybe pop them up with a screw driver and tell which way they are facing?

    Thanks for all the help, I have absolutely no experience with this kind of thing, normally homes that have systems installed just work and I never had had to play with them or figure it out, I plan on installing one at my house in the next few weeks so I can get some experience in working on them.

    Not only that but I am getting tired of watering my yard by hand lol.
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