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    I got a call from this woman that needs a lawn renovation basically. She doesn't know whether she wants seed or sod, so she wants quotes for both. The yard is about 7400 sq. ft., real patchy and weedy. So I'm thinking about actually giving her 3 quotes. One for sod, one for powerseeding, and one for tilling and power seeding. My only problem is I don't know how long it will take.

    If I put down sod, I am thinking about 3-4 - 8 hour days, after tilling and laying the sod, and putting out the water timers, and so on.

    Just overseeding/powerseeding, I know it will probably be about a day.

    For tilling/powerseeding, after I clean up all the debris from tilling, I am thinking about 2.5 days.

    I have thought about just marking up the product by 25 percent, then doubling my materials, but I would like to see where I would come out as far as time goes, and compare the two.

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    how many people are u working wih


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      Just me myself and I.


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        u will be there at least 15 days by your self buddy u are talking about tilling a yard, then raking to remove all debris, dumping at least one time, leveling the ground, they sell the grass by the pallet here, 160.00 top notch grass. u are talking about 12 to 15 pallets, plus delivery, generally 130.00 u will need two of those. then laying the sod, piece it together that a lot of grass for person and after roll the grass to remove any air.

        what does your day worth after material.

        u going to sore for 2 days after u finish with this job.

        good luck there buddy, i hope u get the project, this kind of jobs are good for making profit.


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          After hearing this view, do you think you can find some helpers to work on that job with you?
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            Wow, I had no idea, obviously. Well, the thing is that she is soley holding me responsible for doing everything, and it dies, then I am responsible for replacing it. Including the watering too, she doesn't live there. That is where it threw up a red flag. Is this a realistic expectation? I don't have this kind of capital to a have such a policy, to replace that kind of material.

            Yeah I might be able to find some help, I can put an ad on craigslist. I really don't have a big network of people. I also read somewhere, that it take 3 guys 1 hour to lay a pallet of sod. Is this close. I really want this job, but if the customer is way out of planet Zulu somewhere, then I don't know if I really want the headache. My gut feeling says there is something not right here.
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              ok, most of this guys just trow the sod in the top of the soil, they barely will compacted or rolled, not talking about, of putting the edges of the sod together, like a carpenter do with the carpet, so air don't get under need the dirt and sod, and dye you what to this right u don't want to be like other guys i really hate when i see guys just trowing grass and be careless, most of the time a big percentage die, specialy at the sides of the house they do this a lot in new subdivisions, stay away from this bad habit, let "them" do it, so u can repair their crap, but when u plant grass u want to do it nice and professional i will say if u thinking of using 3 guys then Ur days has shorten to 5 days.

              i if i was u i will charge from 7.000 to 12.000 to have a profit margin and leave room come back and water by hand at least 3x per week for 3 weeks. and room for replacing if u have dead spots if u do it right u should not have any.

              good luck getting this job.


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                I theorize that lime, weed killer, a little nitrogen and grass seed can fix anything. But I guess that takes mooooooooooonths not 5 days.


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                  Jump in. Give her the price you need to make it happen. If she says no then oh well. Do your research on this stuff. Ask around. Try to solicit a landscape worker to help you on the side if you know of one. Bottom line is do it right and get enough money for it.


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                    Well, I called and told her that I would not do sod however, but I would still renovate her lawn by seeding. Because she said that was another option. That was Tuesday, and hadn't heard back. Oh well I can sleep better now that I don't have that on my mind. Next time, I will be more prepared in giving such estimates. I will have my s&*t together, and a part time helper.

                    Does any one live in a sandy soil area? I get the question of bringing in topsoil all the time.


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                      and do any of you guys offer guarantee lawn seed germination or sod installation? Or do you leave that soley up to the homeowner to water it and so on?


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                        Once it's down its up to the customer to take care of it and water it, unless they are paying for me to stop by to water it for them make sure it's in the contract also....


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