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    Charge for what ever time it would take you to empty your bags out and then disposal of the grass, I wouldn't charge them an outrageous price just because they want it bagged.

    One of my new clients wanted it bagged, but I told her I didn't have a bagger and she was okay with it, she just wants me to keep the grass out of her flowerbeds.
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      I think it depends on the equipment used and the individual who's running it whether the clippings need to be bagged.

      I never bag the clippings, it doesn't matter how bad the yard is if you have the right equipment and know how to use it. It's much quicker to mulch it up than it is to pick it up. :-) I have a few bi-weekly hay fields, they always look great when I leave, without picking up a single blade of grass. :-)
      I agree whole-heartedly.

      If you know what you're doing, you should never have to bag it. I haven't used the bag on my mower in years. I mulch up the clippings, and if the clippings are thick, then I use my blower and spread them around the yard.

      I used to bag everything, but I got sick of that really quickly. I always mow at 3inches or above, so that's probably half of the battle right there.
      Then, I have a really good mower with a sharp blade, so it does an excellent job mulching.
      Then of course, the blower does the remaining work, if there is any.

      Only like 20% of the customers even bring it up. I just tell them honestly, I don't do it, because (tons of reasons) and it would cost less.
      It costing less is usually enough for them.


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