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  • Lawn repair help

    Guys, I'm looking for some advice on how to repair a spotted lawn. It appears as though a weed only herbicide was supposed to be used on the lawn however someone had used a grass killer and now the home owner has spots all throughout their front lawn. The lawn is about 4500 square feet and 30 to 40 percent of that is spotted with some large spots and some smaller spots. The homeowner thinks that my guys are responsible for this error however we only apply organic fertilizers and soil amendments, no weed control.They have been great customers so I'm going to take the hit on doing the repair and just wanted to see what the quickest and most costs effective way maybe to address the issue and get them back green lawn as quick as possible. Any suggestions you may have would be appreciated thanks.

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    Most every state (USA) and province here in Canada has a dept of agriculture that you can send soil samples to, best to be sure what the issue is and then treat it from there, here it costs $15.00 per sample and you receive a very in depth report.
    Halifax, Nova Scotia


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      Take a look at this tool, you just leave the dead grass, perforate through it and apply the grass seed. I would also suggest you use a high percentage of perennial Rye grass (germinates quick - 5-7 days) and use a starter fertilizer.


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        Is that your tool dr. blade? How did you get the idea to design it?
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          Hey Steve

          Yea, this is Frank.

          I designed the Grass Stitcher out of need for my lawn care business, needed a way to quickly repair lawn spots without dragging out the big machines, which are over kill most of the time. The beginning part of the video on this page explains a little more -

          Dr Blade is a new service aimed at helping homeowners and lawn care guys with identifying and solving lawn problems, its new and still needs more work but check it out and let me know what you think?


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