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tilling time?

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  • tilling time?

    How long should it take to till 1000 sq. Feet? Trying to make my estimates more accurate.

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    It really depends on what kind of tiller you are using.

    Also, be careful around trees. It's easy to snag roots.


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      What are you using to till it with?
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        Well for right now what ever tiller I can rent. I would guess just a normal tiller you would buy from dept. Store.


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          it really depends on the size and strength of the tiller and the terrain that your tilling. Pics?


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            hello are u only tilling or do u have to do some clean up before you till? usually only tilling takes about and hour with our slow machine yes its quite slow haha but i know there are other machines that are heavy duty that can do a faster job, now if you have to clear bushes and remove roots or old pipes then you should let you client know that they will be charged hourly depending on your time at the location if the roots or old pipes need to be removed.

            oh and a really good advice get the utility companies to mark any gas water and electrical lines running there, you really dont want to be liable for that...


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