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    attached are 2 pictures. . a clients wants me to put some ideas together for her, this is part of her back yard where the dogs run to get into the back yard. . . its full of mud all the way up to the end of the house then its grass. . shes sick of the dogs coming inside the house with mud on them. . she does not want grass because it never grows with the dogs running over it.. . i also attached a picture with a design i made. . . any idea here guys would be great!!!

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    coming from a dog's point of view, the pea gravel will hurt the dogs to walk on. I would suggest either a brick/paver walkway with a bed on either side. or the same idea with the beds, but instead but stone steppers as a walkway. THe advantage to the steppers over the pathway are that it will be much cheaper. Although, the paver path will can look darn impressive if done the right way.

    Get me an ariel shot or an outline drawing of the existing and I can draw something up.


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      Need some ideas

      Instead of pea gravel you can use mulch on either side of the walkway. The mulch will be kinder to the dogs feet. The mulch may be a little less expensive to use as well.


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        1. install a window well.

        2. install a garden border 3 feet from the house, add in some red colored mulch.

        3. install a simple walkway with flat stones.

        4. install sod, and and apply grass seed/fert.

        5. plant cedars along the fence.

        Look at the links I had put in this post for a better explanation.
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          Did a little drawing today
          Its been a while so it was kind of fun.
          not knowing the measurements of the area I kind of guessed.
          I would leave a 12" gravel strip along the fence. Two reasons 1) easy maintenance along fence for weeding etc.
          2) Keep the dog off the fence as they won't like the gravel.
          I would put in two raised beds approx 18`as to try and keep the dogs out of the beds.
          Then I would pout down a good 6"-8" gravel/ crusher dust base and 24" x 24" patio stones.
          This is a dog run not a fancy pave stone patio you want nice easy to clean and durable.
          Please see attached drawing.
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            Ducke I really Like that idea!!!! i like the raised bed idea too!

            Cheese- good idea on the plastic window well. .

            if you put mulch down you would have to redo every year, and the dogs could track that in if its wet from the rain. . .

            pea gravel or pebbles really don't hurt the dogs paws, if you are putting down thick rocks/ gravel then that would be a problem. . i take my labs camping alot and all they have is gravel for the roads and they are fine and i never have had a problem . .

            This is what my vet said about rocks:

            "The small round gravel does not hurt the dog’s paws and it encourages them to grip it securely which keeps their paws strong and healthy. Do not use large, sharp gravel which can hurt their paws."


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              Dogs ruin everything.


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