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  • Grass

    I have a customer here in Texas thinking about getting this. Anyone ever heard of this before? Also what have you found to be a good grass in the south under shade? I have a church that is flat out awesome but for three large shade trees where grass just will not grow. I thin out the trees, tilled the area but the bermuda grass just will not cover this area.

    Heartland America: 6lbs. Canada Green Grass Seed 6LBS

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    Let me guess, oaks?


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      There are tannins in the Oak leaves that kill the grass. This is the same reason why you shouldn't put oak leaves into your compost bin because the tannins kill the micro organisms in the compost and nothing will break down.


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        I have no idea if it's any good.

        I've seen it advertised on infomercials, so that's not exactly a glowing endorsement.

        I don't know what it's made up of. I'm sure you could Google it.


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          Yep, it's oak, and yes I have seen the stuff on tv too. Well maybe I can make put in a bed under them. Well thanks


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            Carefull with covering the surface roots, pinestraw is good, but you can choke the tree and end up killing it as well. Itll take a few years, depending on the tree.... But just a word of caution.