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  • need some advice

    I am really interested in natures lawn products. I want to add the all in one to my services. I am thinking of a price point $12 per 1000 for first app and then $10,$8, and $6for the last app. By my calculations there is profit at those numbers but am afraid I might not be calculating something into this plan. I saw that some of you guys charge a lot higher than that. I don't. Know if I would be able to get those prices in my area. Do I need to target richer clients?

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    It really depends on which products you plan to use in the mix, our min is $45.00 as you have to factor in travel time, you are tying up your capital etc. The products really work well, it's not an overnight cure but a process, I am into year four and in combination with liquid Corn gluten 8, the lawns are looking excellent and the grass stays greener far longer into the fall/winter.
    Halifax, Nova Scotia


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      my plan

      Well I was thinking about doig a 4 application program with the all in one product from natures lawn. Also a spring and a fall application of gluten 8,wipeout, and aerify plus. Witch would be considered a seperate plan from the first. You think I should combine all of them together or market them as two different services. One would be a fert program and one would be a weed and pest program.


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