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Help with sod/turf cutter questions

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  • Help with sod/turf cutter questions

    Hello. Im new at sod/turf cutters and have a question on how they work. I have a decent size job of approximatley 1800 sq ft. I need to dig up the old grass and install new sod. Instead of digging it out with picks and shovels I want to try using one of these machines. Are these machines able to cut through any type of grass or are they designed to cut only sod?? Any model recommendations?


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    There are a couple of posts that deal with this and I think they will help.

    Let me know if they do.

    How to bid a sod cutting & removal job.

    Price per foot fot sod cutting / removal?

    1700sf of sod removal

    Small Residential Project

    Sod install job
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