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  • NJ grass disposal

    Hey guys,

    I'm in central NJ and having trouble finding a place to dump my grass clippings.

    I have some clients that have agreed to let me cut without catching the clippings, but most of my clients are old school and not interested in having the clippings left on their lawn, even with the self-fertilization benefits.

    Anybody know a place I can get rid of the clippings????

    I posted an ad on craigslist...i was thinking maybe I could hook up with a farmer that may want it for compost....this would be ideal.

    Otherwise I have to register my truck with the DEP to dump the grass at the local landfill. I am working on getting this done but I don't know how long the approval process will take, plus I think i'll have to pay to dump, which I'd like to avoid.


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    I thought everything you wanted to get rid of in new jersey either got buried in a freshly dug hole,stuffed in the trunk of a caddy,or thrown in the river .


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      That's true, I never thought of it that way.


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        well here we have a six bags at the curb limit so what I do is six at my house six a each my neighbors on each side and six at my in-laws as well I have a customer that lets me put six at her house. I also got a new customer last week and their neighbor wants to take any clippings I get off the lawn for his compost so that is cool with me.


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          well i use a dumpster to get rid of my grass clippings. I live in nevada and i live on a dirt road out in the country i have 3 neighbors that live on my street so we have a dumpster out front of ur place and we fill it up and the trash company comes and dumps it once a week sometime we have much more that the dumpster will hold so we pile it up next to it and when the dumpster gets dumped we fill it up again. Sometimes when we have way to much grass clippings and debris( we also trash out houses that are foreclosed) so we get trailer full of junk so we make a trip to our dump which is about 45 miles away in las vegas and they charge me 21.00 per ton to dump the most i have dumped is about a ton and quater. My dumpster cost me 25.00 per month and 9 per month for the service. and we are required to have trash service where i live.


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            Thanks for the advice guys.....Anyone working in jersey that can assist with specific locations?


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