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  • Liming a lawn

    I have a lawn that's roughly 300 square feet. I bought this Lime Rite Product from Canadian Tire, and the worker there told me if I apply this to my lawn it will kill everything. I put this lime to whatever I want to kill, is that correct? I've read up on a lot of liming on the internet and a lot of sources say that too much lime will not harm your lawn. I need advice from someone who has done this or has used this product. My lawn has some damage caused my grubs but not too much, there are some parts that grass does not grow, do I just use my spreader and spread this over my grass and bare spots? or do I apply more to the bare spots then the grass?

    Thanks in advance.

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    did you try reading the label ?


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      of course, it says it's non burning, but the sales person at CT said different... so I don't know what to believe.


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        Don't believe that lime will kill everything. Not sure how much it would take to kill your lawn but it is way way more than you have I'm sure. Lime is used mainly to raise pH levels. I just put down over 300 lbs of it on my lawn to counteract an acidic soil.


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          asking a CT person is like asking Red Neck to write physics.
          The only thing Lime might "Kill" is moss because moss like acidic soil.
          lawns in the Central Virginia area have needed lime applied at the rate of approximately 40 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. of lawn area
          There is no real harm in lots of lime but you have to be reasonable
          I have a 4500 sq ft lawn and I use 25kg + (55 lb) on my lawn that's 1.222 lb per Sq Ft
          Now depending were you are and what your Ph level is will determine exactly how much you need per Sq Ft.


          *(I say + because I empty my spreader on my lawn each night once I'm done for the day.)


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