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    Hey every one i am trying to get my buisness up and running again this year i lost some lawns last winter but trying to gain things back im up to 25 lawns again but i want to see what yall thought of my prices

    Basic Maintenance, mowing, edging, weedeating, blowing off, spraying r-up
    43.00 min

    Mulch 40.00yd

    Irrigation install 700.00 a zone for up to 5 zone then go down from there

    reg labor rate 50 hr

    prunning 50 a hr

    i am doing everything my self this year no over head right now b/c i cant afford to hire anyone.

    Any sujestions on getting (the big one) or clients in general.

    I work with a lawn care company that does fertilizing and weedcontrol so if i get a job that needs that i foward it to them and same thing with me they foward me everything for lawn maintenance, landscaping, irrigation

    if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

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    It sounds like you are on track. There doesn't seem to be a problem with your pricing.

    What happened last year with the business that you are looking to rebuild it? Was there a problem(s) you went through that negatively effected you then that still may be effecting you now?
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      i wouldnt say nagitive things i guess just buisness in general you loose some you gain some i had one laddie who got mad b/c i got all her leaves up on her lawn but didnt her feild and she wanted that free also and i told her it was not free and then she got mad b/c she wanted me to clean all her dead follage off her flowers witch there was a ton, and i told her that was not in the contract she jsut signed up for a basic contract mowing the lawn only. My problem im running into now is i dont have time to do it all or the help i need. B/C i cant afford help. I will admit there was one cust i lost due to sceduling, mostly when rainy season was here. I had one i lost b/c they signed up in May last year and wanted full contract mulch and everything i dont do my mulch till Jan-March b/c after that you are too busy to do it and on new contracts it scares me to do mulch in the beggining b/c of if they stop in a month or 2 then you left with that big mulch cost. I told the cust i would get to it as soon as i could in 2 months time he was late on a payment for almost 40 days i could not get a hold of him so i sent a letter of discont of contract till payment was made that is when he come back smart and said he was going to turn me in to BBB for not doing the mulch b/c he paid for it i replyed said if you take the price a cut for you lawn and the times i cut it and what you have paid me you owe me money. Well he didnt argue after taht. I just want my buisness to really do good and grow and for me to be able to buy the equiptment i need and not have to work 2 jobs to survive. I wnt to be able to go out get the jobs let them be done and i deel with the buisness end.


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        Ok so making the jump to running your business fulltime has been the big problem because of not enough time?

        Would charging a little more on the jobs help you hire staff to help you jump to going fulltime?
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