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  • weeds. bed maint.

    what products do you guys use to control weeds in your beds?

    Do you include this in your monthly rate?

    How do you figure the product into your monthly rate?

    Curious as to what other are using?????

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    Curious about this too. At home, I just spray anything that pops up in a mulched area, but I have a client that I did a huge mulch job for last year who is concerned about stopping the weeds that may come through this year.

    I rolled out weedblock before applying about 3" of mulch. I would think that should do pretty well, but was wondering if applying "Preen" of something on the mulch now would be a good idea for preventing any seeds that may have settled in from germinating.
    Also, I don't know much about poison ivy, but there was a lot of it in the area I mulched. Don't know if it will work its way up through the barrier or not.


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      whenever I see a weed in my bed,I just change the sheets after I yell at my old lady for a bit .


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        There are a few products mentioned in this post Weeds in Flowerbeds.
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