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  • Help with my back yard

    My back yard is in dire need of some renovation. I live in memphis. We have thick and heavy clay soil. My whole back yard is nothing but weeds. We have some huge patches of clover and then some more weeds that I am not familar with. I know there is some nutsedge Dandelions and crab grass. Before i move into my apartment i want to get the back yard looking good. This is my last season at the house...hopefully. I really want to get some grass going back there. My neighbor has a huge Cherry Tree that hangs over into our yard. Not to much of a problem except right below it. We have many Nandina around the yard. Oh most importantly we have two dogs. One that is around 45 pound bassit hound that is old. She doesn't pee in the yard much anymore becasue she can't make it. We also have a little 12 pound dachshund that isn't going to get any bigger. My mom doesn't want to sod because she thinks it will be a massive mess with the tilling and the dogs. What should i do about the weeds. What can i put down to knock them out. When Should that be out out. My dad said the yard needs a lot of lime to get it back to Neutral but I don't know if he really knows what he is talking about. Should I put Down any fertilizer? Finally What kind of grass seed should i put down? How long will it take for it to grow?

    Finally when should I put the weed killer stuff down? Fertilizer? and Seed?

    I'd really appreciate any help that you guys can help me with.

    My yard is probably around 25 feet wide and 110 feet long.


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    I'm about to pass out and I only got a glance at what you wrote.

    A street was added to our town not too long ago, and the houses/lawns built are over a really crummy layer of clay.

    Anyway, I helped my customer out and he ended up with the BEST looking lawn out of all my customers.

    The trick is patience.

    Cut the lawn higher than you are used to, and apply fertilizer every second month.

    Do a few passes with grass seed as you fertilize your lawn. Fill in holes/bare patches in your lawn with topsoil.

    Make sure you remove all the weeds you can.

    You may have to do some "detchatching" work...

    I need to sleep or I'm going to have my head in a bowl of noodles.

    also: dogs are a pain in the arse when it comes to lawns... they ruin everything lol


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      I'd think tilling it, add some topsoil and then maybe seed it?

      But if that is a problem with the dogs, Scott offered some great advice.
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        Cheese you better take it easy man! Get some sleep! I saw your post about that lady Messing with your assistant. Thats not good.

        Now you say apply Fertlizer every second month... When Do i start? and Most Importantly What kind of Fertilizer should I Use. Any Particular brand you swear by? Should i use Granular or Liquid.

        What can i get rid of the weeds with? I am not sure if i should throw some Herbicide down or some sort of weed and feed. What do you think?

        Steve: ya I deff suggested that but my mom says it'll be To muddy!


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          Not sure about the timing in Memphis but you will want to look into a pre-emergent herbicide or go organic with corn gluten.

          Look into the Natures Lawn products there is a lot of info here on them. Also get some Arify from natures lawn to help out. They also have an organic dethatcher available and fertilizers.

          From reading here, Picframer and SWstout have the most experience with these products.


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            Thanks Cleaning Doctor. Where do you get pre emergent from? I haven't ever heard of Corn Gluten before. Is that a pre emgergent?

            I checked out Natures earth a while back and it seems pretty interesting if it works. Question is what kind of fertlizer to get? Would i Get the 16-4-8 for lawns or the general all purpose plant food. What is the difference in the numbers? I saw at lowes and home depot they had some of the first number in the 22. How do i know whihc to get?


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              not natures earth, Natures Lawn

              Just google corn gluten or search here and you will find places to buy.


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                i live in memphis also you can put down a pre emerg now and when it warms up u can use msma or seed it with bermuda in june


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                  thats what i meant Cleaning doctor sorry lol the place i buy my mulch from is Natures Earth.

                  950 thomas: what is MSMA? How about this snow huh? lol What kind of pre emergent do you suggest?


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                    m.s.m.a is the chemical name it burns up the weeds u can buy it at Bwi off hickory hill or call john deer landscape they can explain the best stuff to use they sell to all the local spray compaines


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                      love the snow we will be de iceing in the am


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                        Where did you do the De Icing at? How did it go? Roads cleared up quick once the sun came up


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                          We deice at a bunch of banks and apts


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                            What is the difference between de-icing and salting?
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