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    My two cents:
    Because I'm in rural maine, there aren't that many choices but here's what I've found for trimmers:

    1. Shindaiwa USED to be the best, hands down, but have degraded severely. They have followed most large company's formula: Once the perfect product has been created, and selling well, discontinue it and offer a new "improved" version that has less power, breaks down easier, etc. Now they've been bought out by the company that makes what I believe is one of the LEAST desirable trimmers to own: ECHO (that concludes my whining)

    2. We took a chance 3 years ago, after realizing Shindaiwa was no longer much of an option, on Stihl. I bought a STIHL FS90R and found it to be the best trimmer I've EVER used. It comes close to the Shindaiwa T-230 that I owned 17 years ago. They are quiet, start easy (I can walk up to my trimmer rack, set the choke, lightly tug on the starter cord, and often it will start on first pull) - Once you get hte hang of stringing the heads, you'll find them pretty easy. My next purchase will be the split shaft version.
    Kenneth LaVoie III
    LaVoie's Landscape Mgmt. Inc.- Winslow, Maine


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      I love it. its so sweet being able to just change from a trimmer to a pole saw or tiller then back again.
      Yeah. I am hoping to get a pole saw. How well does the tiller work? I live in NY and we have a huge amount of rocks in the dirt here, and I'm not sure if a small tiller could handle it haha


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