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  • Homemade Striper

    Well, I found a metal pipe about 2" in diameter. I tried tying it on to my lawn mower with string, then duct taping the string to the striper. It Failed.

    Does anyone have an idea how I could attach it?

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    I tried to make a homemade stripper once.... Not very good at it


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      i tried making mine and i loved it

      cost about 5 bucks to make

      take some pvc with 2 matching end caps
      and 2 eye hooks
      plus some zip ties

      secure the eye hooks (make sure there bolted kind) to the end caps

      pvc cement or bolt one cap on (cement is best)

      fill tube with pea grave,sand,rocks,cement, whatever

      attach other end cap

      and zip tie them to the mower

      costs 5-10 bucks depending on available materials

      and it works great
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        That would have been great to see a picture of your first attempt.

        Keep us posted on how this goes.

        There are a bunch of pictures in the forum of this if you do a search.
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          That would have been great to see a picture of your first attempt.
          yeah i think it would have too. I was going to take one with my stripes in the backround until it broke. I will work on it this weekend.
          keep you all posted-


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            next to a roller chains do the job just fine


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              yeah I like the roller because I have control over the height. I drive mine down the asphalt to get to lawns since I'm limited to my neighborhood until I'm 16. I didn't even finish the one I was talking about earlier because I knew I was upgrading from a 33" to my new turf tracer 52" - it stripes fine how it is, but it could always be better...


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                I've had my striping kit since '96 and have only replaced the chains once.About 6 years ago I took them off and turned them around and put the good side down.I think I replaced them last year.


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