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    Ok, I'm not understanding this. Or maybe I am understanding this but can't grasp charging these rates for the property sizes in my area.

    Most of my property sizes in the Metro Atlanta area are around 5k square feet. I'm still supposed to charge $65 for the entire lot?

    One yard in particular that I have is 0.1084 acre. That's 4,721.904 sq. ft.!.....minus whatever square footage the house takes up. The front yard is like 20x30 feet. The back yard is maybe 30x40 feet.

    I'm just saying, what's reasonable for the amount of product we use? Is that even a fair index to measure by(the amount of product we use on a particular yard)?

    ........taps foot anxiously
    I didnt say 65$ should be your minimum but say you sprayed NM, A, Fert for Lawns, and BD. You spent roughly $5 in solution and there for less than an hour. So charge $40 as you minimum. Or find something else to spray to get them up to he $65 dollar mark. Say bushes, trees, garden, flower beds any thing else that could use it.
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      Good question?

      I also want to add to it, Does Gluten-8 cover all broadleaf weeds like the Otho products? If not, what does it cover and how does it really inhibit weeds?

      *On a side note, Mr. Moore, I wanna punch you for how you got leaves falling on your site. Tight. And it's funny how you listed the things possibly threatened by hurricane damage and you listed "shed" before "children", *shaking my head*. Shows how much you/we value our equipment
      ... Can Gluten-8 be used as a pre-emergent?

      If so, at what concentration?


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        ... Can Gluten-8 be used as a pre-emergent?

        If so, at what concentration?


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          Im still in the boat with ya, fresh cut..

          I have a client who wants her yard done, she has 1 acre!

          So im looking at using
          2 or 2.5 gallons per month of 16-4-8 fert.
          1.5 gallons natures magic per month
          .33 gal of aerify
          .33 gallons of dethatcher

          2.5g fert = 54.95 $
          1.5g Nmag = 45.00
          .3g aerify = 25.00
          .3g dthatch = 20.00

          all that total = 150 dollars in product at retial level to do an acre per month.

          I charged my client 200.00 for the job, so i make 50 bucks, + the savings i get from buying in bulk.. I should make around 100 per spray if im lucky..

          *If i would have charged 15 dollars per 1k sq ft,
          that would be 600.00 (My clients would never pay 600.00 per month to have there place fertilized!)

          I do save on shipping costs vs andy and swstout, as i live about 50 miles from the factory that makes it!

          Im going to stick with 15$ per 1k sq ft, though and see what happens with my next client.

          Maybe if they get it 4 times a year instead of every month, tey might go for it on an acre. (WAIT WAIT, 600.00 per acre, theres no way they will go for it, somehow i was thinking i would bump up the next client to 250 or 300 per acre..) not 600, this is strange.

          However i can see someone with a 10k sqft lawn going for 150.00 but not on an acre..
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