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    I live in Georgia and lawns I've seen are green on top and brown under, mostly burmuda. I used to work at a Nursury selling plants and lawn products but always told customers grass needs to be maintained at proper cutting heights to prevent lawn diseases by improving air circulation. The air here is usually hot and humid. Customers usually don't want to pay the cost to correct their lawns. Thanks for your time. Cyndi

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    Not sure if there was a question here or if you were more or less just pointing out a fact.

    But yeah, every new customer I pick up has not properly maintained their lawns, like you said, here in Ga, we mainly run across Bermuda and Zoysia in the subdivision areas....

    I usually upsell topdressing and cut just a little lower when I do upsell the topdressing to rectify these conditions in most cases..... Looks like hell for a couple weeks, but lord almighty just give it that little bit of time!


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