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    It's getting hot and dry. Any recommendations beyond watering? Aerify should help watering be more effective, right?

    Unfortunately, I have left my Bio-dethatcher and Nature's Magic in a non-climate controlled garage. There's only about 16 ounces of each left (about enough to do my lawn again), what happens to it when it gets above 80F?
    Aerify will work but it really depends on the soil at the location, on my own lot it took me over a year to get the clay broken down and probably 5 applications.

    Aside from watering in very dry conditions which we have been having which is rare for us it has become a serious issue as lawns are turning brown, most of our clients are on wells and some have massive lawns, there isn't a lot they or we can do.

    As for storage, Contact Stuart Franklin, I personally store mine in a section of a garage I built that is climate controlled summer and I try to calculate it so that come October I am out of product, I generally have some left over but not a lot, bring it into the house and store it in the basement which in my case is heated with a wood stove, it's in a room that may hit 80 but I doubt it.
    Halifax, Nova Scotia


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