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    I have a lawn that is muddy and wet, I can't really put a drain that will drain off the lawn because of the concrete driveway around the lawn. I was thinking a french drain would help. Will aeration and thatching help to solve the problem?

    I am not sure what to do. The owner said we should re-seed it but I think next year unless the drainage is fixed it will have standing water on it again? Any suggestions would be GREAT!

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    rain drain

    Put a rain drain in it... I think it's the same thing as a french drain. we install quite a few of these for that same purpose.

    Basically find the lowest spot in the lawn where the water builds up and put a water basin to catch the water. dig a trench where you want to water to go and attach drain tile to the basin. cover the dug area and you're set.

    you could go as far as cutting a slice of the drive way to run the drain tile under it and then cover it with cement again. We've done that as well.

    good luck


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      shoot easier then cutting concrete they sell bore kits to attach to pvc at Home Depot. bore under the concrete and attach ur drain pipe. Or dig a 5-10 deep whole fill with gravel, with drain, cover and should be fine.
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        lol its late suppose to say 5-10ft deep
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          Would have to see it or images to give a good informed suggestion however here is what I would probably do.

          Spray the lawn with Aerify Plus, this will brake down the clay in the soil, in the first year if there is a lot of clay in can take three or four sprays then once a year thereafter.

          I would probably make a dry well, basically a french drain but deep, depending on the area three to five feet deep, this will hold a lot of water, fill with 1" clear stone to within 5" of the surface, make it 2' wide, cover with 20 year landscape fabric then top soil and sod. If there is a grade to a ditch area then I would also put 4" perforated drain tile, with respect to how deep the tile would be, enough to give me 1" of drop per 16' of run.

          The issue to start unless there is a grade will be getting the water to drain through the soil around it to your drain, given time Aerify will do it but in this case it's a process and will take some time.
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            Can you post a picture on here of the area?
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              Yeah I'm going out there tomorrow I will grab some pics then!


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