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    I am working as an adviser to a property management company to assist them in putting together a landscape maintenance schedule for their sites. As with most property management companies that have been taking the lowest bidder their sites have deteriated. I am working with them to put together a schedule and maintenance plan so that all of the bidding contractors are bidding apples to apples. I have already put together the expectations list however I am struggling with putting together and actual yearly maintenance schedule by week. I do understand that weekly schedules are for reference purpose only. These sites are located in the greater Portland, OR area. Could anyone assist me with this?


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    Hi Jeff,

    Welcome to our forum.

    Let's start with one property. Can you pick one you are working on and show us what you have put together so far?
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      where our you?

      also, where are you located? This makes a big difference. Other than that, we usually do something like this:

      Spring cleanup (usually 7-12 times mowing price for us)

      Edge and Mulch (don't put the "2 inch" verbiage in there **** nobody should ever lay down two new inches of mulch, that's simply how deep the new and composted layer should total **** every RFP has this in it, and it drives me crazy!!)

      Mowing (weekly, 22 weeks)

      install annuals (June 1-12th)

      bi weekly weeding during mowing visit June 1-Sept 30th (8 visits)

      Trim hedges (late june, early july)
      Trim hedes (quick touch up, late august, early sept)

      Fall prep (cut down perennials, pull annuals, last minute weeding)

      Fall cleanup (Oct 28th - nov 15th) (usually 7-12 times mowing price for us)
      Kenneth LaVoie III
      LaVoie's Landscape Mgmt. Inc.- Winslow, Maine


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