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crazy accident in florida

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  • crazy accident in florida

    the tractor trailer hit the guy so hard his climate control system peeled off of the trailer. it was a terrible accident, 10 people were killed 18 were hospitalized 6 tractor trailers and 5 cars. it was crazy because they said they didnt have anywhere to run because it was happening on both sides of the highway.

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    This is why I prefer taking the back roads whenever it's possible. Nothing I hate more then being surrounded by rigs.

    Even on the small streets that haven't been plowed/widened, I've come close to having a head on head collision with several city buses. I'm usually forced to drive onto banks of snow/side walks when a bus or plow comes in the opposite direction.


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      This accident reminds me of a bumper sticker.

      'Don't drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.'
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