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  • I'm back to work!

    Got my final cast off yesterday! Today was my first day back on the job. 80 degrees with a 5-6 mph breeze (nice). I didn’t do much, sprayed 5 lawns (3 Aerify with Natures magic, 1 with Wipeout, and 1 with Super Compost Tea), and mowed 1- 1.5 acre lawn. I got home at about 5, had dinner and then sat in my recliner. 1 AM, just woke up! The easy day wiped me out!

    Before the accident, I had gone from 280 to 220#s. I put 40#s back on and I can feel it. I have been stuck “in house” for too long and it really felt good to be back out. I find it amazing just how fast you can get out of shape! I’m restricted to 3 days a week until after my next DR’s appointment but it is great to be able to get out of the house. My recovery time in my 60’s is much longer than it was in my 40’s
    I think my wife (39 years today) is glad to get me out of the house. Something about “too much of a good thing”.


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    Hey, man! Nice to see you around. Hope you're healing well.
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      That is great news Steve!

      Shortly, with all your exercise, you will be a lean mean lawn cutting machine!
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        Congrats on your recovery. It has been a long time coming. Your wife must be a saint... LOL Take her to a nice dinner.


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