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    so i was trimming bushes today, took my left hand off the handle for a second, all of a sudden my left middle finger was bleading ridiculously. Customer came out, handed me a paper towel, and within about 5 seconds, the pt was saturated with blood. i called my wife and told that i would need to go to the ER. My foreman drove me home, then wifey drove me there. after an hour and a half of applying direct pressure, it was still bleeding. they put a compression gauze on it to create a artificial blood clot! Four hours later, i was back to work, with oxicoton in hand! for you new guys, and a reminder to u veterans, it only takes a second to make a mistake... make sure to pay attention. I will follow up with pics.

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    Sorry to hear about your accident. Heal quick, after all you've only got one middle finger!


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      Quote[/b] (All Aspects Landscaping @ May 23 2008,9:22)]it only takes a second to make a mistake... make sure to pay attention.
      That is SO true!... *like to say "ACCIDENT", not mistake
      I was sharpening my machete and them my buddy called my to ask me something, I turn my head to at him and *slash* (I dont know how) my thumb was bleeding like crazy!... it was a small cut, but I was doing all the dirty work of clean up and I was afraid to get an infection or something, this was like a month ago... and like you, I just rinse it with water and BACK TO WORK!... I can cry later, hehe.

      Hope you get well soon James.
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        Dang, James!

        Take care of your middle fingers and you might be President one day...
        Start a profitable lawn care business.


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          thats a fact, jack!

          Yeah, it sucks.... just wanted to remind all the forum members about how fast it can happen!!!

          Thanks for the nice words


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            Man, that's sucks Jamie.
            Sorry to hear it.

            You know, we all have times we wanna give a client the finger, but your not supposed to try to cut it off & give it to them.

            Hope you heal quick!


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              Did your finger get cut in the blades? What happened to your finger? Did it cut you or remove the tip of it?

              Did the hospital stitch everything closed?

              I am very sorry about you getting hurt!

              What would you advise others to do to prevent this? Would gloves have prevented it?
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