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String trimmer back pain

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  • String trimmer back pain

    So I have been down and out for a while now. I stopped my advertising and finished up the seasons work and now I am thinking if I want to do another season or not. Most everything is all good but the trimmer kills me. 30 minutes on the weedeater lays me out for a few days in pain. Can anyone relate? The pain is right between my shoulder blades. any ideas, tips, hints or suggestions?
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    I had the same problem. I am 6'6 and weedeaters are made for people 'average' at about 5'9. I took and extension piece, and put it in the middle of the weedeater, then bent the last piece alittle. I had a two piece weedeater, and a pole saw extention piece that I put to gether. I wish I had a picture but I think you get the idea. took care of the back pain.


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      Well, I am 5'9" so I am not sure that would work, as it is my weedeater almost feels to long.
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        sounds like you have a issue with one of the disc's in your back and a nerve is being affected.
        i have several issues like that with the old spinal cord and i assure you that even though you will deal with it the rest of your life you can get by.

        the key is to stretch real good before hand and after but avoid stretches that will aggrevate the area.
        posture is key, you will have to pay close attention to how you hold the unit and how you stand while useing it. you may have to completely change your technique in how you use the machine but thats not that big of a deal and the learning curve is short.

        i would also reccomend seeing a doctor that specializes in this field as he can give you better advise on what to do and what not to do.
        my doctor sent me to a physical therapist and they helped me straighten out my posture and build up strength in my weak area's to balance things out.

        as we get older and favor certain muscels and the muscels least used weaken it creates a tug and pull effect.
        the front of your body and your back need to be equal and if not it does exactly what you have going on.

        i been climbing trees and doing landscaping since i was 17 and i played hockey my whole life and when my doctor said i needed to build my strength i thought he was crazy, i was like do you know what i do? but my wife told me to shut up and do what he said and low and behold he and she were right.

        good luck.
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          What about using a strap that goes over your shoulder to support some of the weight. Would using that help?

          They tend to come with larger models, but maybe it's the way you hold the weight that is causing problems?

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            Steve, I use one of those straps currently. I just cant hold my big 4 stroke for long without the strap yet even with the strap it kills my back. I picked up a set of string trimmer training wheels today, I actually found an unopened package of them at our ranch in the old barn so I am going to give those a shot. The only problem is I refuse to make someone ellses property be a test dummy and my entire property is cut to about 1/4" so I will have to wait untill it grows a bit lol

            What about using a strap that goes over your shoulder to support some of the weight. Would using that help?

            They tend to come with larger models, but maybe it's the way you hold the weight that is causing problems?

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              any chance getting a lighter trimmer might help ? I am thinking you could pick up a lightweight unit for most work,and keep your big four stroke unit for the tough cutting jobs .


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                It's all about posture. Keep the trimmer as close to your body as possible and when possible.

                Holding any object for a long period of time outwards from your body will cause shoulder and neck injury. You may also experience lower back pain.

                Keep the extended distance between both of your arms as as equal as possible, and as close to your torso that you can. Because one arm actually has to extend in order to grip the trimmers handle, it causes strain in the lower back which will in return cause your shoulders to work harder.

                Use your hips to hold the weight of the trimmer whenever possible, the closer the trimmer is to your body/core, strain instead will be put onto your legs - this is a good thing!


                Go to work drunk, pain freeeeeeeeee!


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                  A long time ago we had a guard on the trimmer break off and realized how much lighter they would be if they stayed off. Now I have about 12 trimmers with no guards on them. Same is true for stick edgers. Wear glasses, khaki style pants, and be careful of bystanders, cars, and glass. Have we broken a few windows that we wouldn't have otherwise? Maybe, who knows. Those guards get caked and packed with mud, especially in the morning and really adds to the weight. Don't know what you're trimming, but we use Shindaiwa 242. They are light and have enough power to do regular homeowner yards. A little less power that Stihl FS85, but not much. If your cutting grass at 1/4" you don't need much power anyway. This really helps delay fatigue in a day for us.


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                    Hire a helper in the coming season just before things start getting tough, give yourself a little time to train him or her the way you like things done. There is always someone looking for a little extra part time work even if it's temporary.
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                      I highly advise to leave the guard on you trimmer. Do not take it off. Doesnt matter if your in a metal suit your clients property will suffer eventually something will be shattered or dinged. Keep the guard Keep your insurance keep happy clients.

                      As for the back thing, I suffer from it too. I have the Sthl trimmer with the full harness and handle bar set up . That helped bigtime. Also stay in shape. You work hard out in the field and dont stay in shape this job will kick your ***. I have a inversion table, and work out. Gym sit ups what ever you can do to build a stronger core. Back pain is cause by weak core and posture.

                      Get strong my friend.....


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