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Please help with back pain

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    Alright, this is hilarious/scary!

    I woke up this morning with unbearable back pain. I couldn't go to work.

    LOL, contagious or what?!?!?!?

    I'm so angry haha! I'm going to drug myself up with meds and see what happens.


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      So I took my meds right after my last post, I fell asleep. It's now 1:30AM and I'm awake.

      My back is still in bad shape, lol. It just doesn't make any sense, talking about a soar back gave me a soar back!!!!!


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        I had just posted this on my other forum, so i copyd iyt, im too high to type it again..

        *see a doctor..

        I was unloading my truck today to go do some estimates and pay bills..

        Grabbed up my 8c.ft weelbarrow, and went down, was stuck in the back of my truck praying oh god please help me ..

        Got my neibor over to help me and soon figuered out there wasnt going to be any help there, had to call 911 for an ambulance. After 2-3 xrays and an mri, i slipped a disk and it is pinching a nerve from the swelling. Well a few doses of deloitta or whatever it is, and about 9 hours of resting in the hospital, im out and home. Got myself a large script of percocet, and they said if that dont help come back for something stronger. Also muscle relaxers and uhm.. steroid antibiorics or inflamatory medicine, something liek that.. anyhow, I hope Im better by next week

        So i could be on more in the days, or if it gets worse i might be out a few days.. Thought id let you guys know,

        (352)682-3094 Suwannee River, Florida 32680

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          Had you given any thought to a trimmer on wheels? I see it tends to be a norm of back pain from most landscapers with most doing heavy manual labor most of their lives.
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            Find some lower back exercises on the web and start doing them if you can. Isn't an instant cure but will help in the long run.
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              Well I've been taking all sorts of nice drugs. Including some sort of patch on my back.

              Slept with a pillow between my legs this entire time.

              Did the following exercises;

              1. Sit on a chair and slowly put my head near my knees with my arms dropped to my side.

              2. Went into the Muslim praying position

              I woke up an hour ago and SO FAR my back feels a bit better. I still feel that if I make one wrong move, I can totally screw myself up lol.


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                So now your high, up in the midle of the night AND your back still hurts? Lol

                So I took my meds right after my last post, I fell asleep. It's now 1:30AM and I'm awake.

                My back is still in bad shape, lol. It just doesn't make any sense, talking about a soar back gave me a soar back!!!!!
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                  Nothing has helped yet. I went and did some work at our other house and after 5 hours of using both SP and push F&B mowers as well as a trimmer my back was killing me, its always my upper back, just right of center. I tried the wheels idea and it did not work ether. I do use a strap but its because I have no choice, without it the pain comes a lot faster and a lot worse so at least a strap helps a little bit. Today 2 days later my back is still sore meaning when it happens it is hanging on longer, normally by the next day I am a ton better but this time its dragging out. Doc says my back is fine, meaning NOT injured but that does not mean its just not wore out. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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                    When I pull my back out nothing helps except going to my chiropractor.

                    Just avoid those kooky ones that believe that adjusting your neck can cure canceralergiesmigrainesanddeath. Just stick to the guy that electrocutes you for 20 minutes, hits you with the jackhammer and then twists you into a pretzel to pop things back into place.

                    I'm going to quit offering pruning because the money just goes from the customer to the chiropractor. I don't even get to touch it.
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                      try red wing shoes. they are lifesavers.
                      also you may want to try a good message therapist.
                      my mom is one and it really helps.
                      she usually gives me one every week or two
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                        Your back will take a few months to heal! You are going to have to baby it for a number of weeks, then do no heavy lifting for about another month! I know this sounds long, but it is what it is...

                        Maybe hire someone to help with the trimming?


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                          Try this. A cousin of mine had back problems, the doc said there was no back injury and couldn't figure it out. He had custom inserts made for his foot made..... has not had a problem since.


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                            Sleep with a pillow between your legs, it helps keep your spine aligned.

                            Other than that, overdose on coffee, become superman.


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                              Go swimming in a pool. This is by far the best thing for your back. I know people that have had horrible back pain and tried everything including a chiropractor on a regular basis but none of them helped nearly as much as swimming.


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