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  • It never ends

    Last Friday I cut yard after work, cut, edge weedeat, then as soon as i grab the blower, heavy rain. Ok saturday i go to a house, cut edge weedeat, grab the blower. rain. go to the next house only 2 miles away no rain, cut edge weedeat, grab the blower, rain. Maybe that is why my name is lightning lawn care cause half of my work was under intense lightning. Just what I need, a back pack blower creating static with the air that it moves while lightning crashes around me.

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    LOL, ya I hate rain... Well it's alright, depends on your mower.

    Some mowers can work well in light rain, others will bog down all the time.

    Well, I'm Breeze... Every time I use a blower, a breeze decides to throw the grass everywhere I don't want it! Funny thing is, I never get a breeze when I'm mowing or whippersnipping, I just boil & sweat.

    Something about our names that really catch on... Irony....


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      Having both of you together in the same area might be dangerous LOL
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        Ya, haha. I hate that. Yesterday I was blowing one direction and the BREEZE was not helping, so I go to blow the opposite way and the BREEZE magicly changes direction. WOW I said. So I blew the really small stuff into the road.


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          Well if me and BREEZE could hook up to work together would call our selves STORM FORCE LAWN CARE


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