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Where does it come from?!

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  • Where does it come from?!

    Alright, so if you cut grass, you most likely know what I'm talking about.

    Every time I get home, there is a 100% chance that the back of my neck is covered in grass. I have been wondering why all summer.

    I'm trying to remember when I lift the trimmer over my head, but it's not clicking.

    Anyone have this weird "problem"? LOL

    Anything similar?

    I find it pretty strange, it's just that there is A LOT on my neck after the day.

    Grass has a habit of getting everywhere, anyone ever question how? LOL

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    Oh, I just love when the wind blows in the opposite direction of the discharge chute. I eat so much grass I feel like a cow.

    The neck is just a natural grass catcher. I think it is designed for that purpose.
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      Yeah I was wondering why I couldn't work up an appetite while working.

      I eat grass, spiders, all sorts of things... Mind you, I'm usually just a bug taxi transporting all the neighborhood insects into my home.

      Spider webs make me so angry!


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        same reason the rear window on my wifes SUV is always dirtier than any other window


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          same Reason The Rear Window On My Wifes Suv Is Always Dirtier Than Any Other Window
          Haha!!! :d


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