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  • The Day is Over!

    Today I had to mow a town house for one of my customers who is a real estate agent.

    I called him today letting him know I will be there before noon.

    I arrive at 10am & he pulls up right behind me. Creepy!

    So he's basically making me feel like a jerk as he stands there speaking on his cell phone, making me NOT want to turn on any equipment.

    Overall it was annoying, he was getting in my way. I could tell he was nervous though, trying to sell the place.

    I was kind enough take special care, making sure everything is how I would want it to be if I were him. Getting rid of everything that could harm the sale, trimming every weed in the gardens, ripping out dead plants, the perfect trimmmmm job ever.

    Then I said, I could make this look better.

    I lowered my wheels & mowed it over again, it looked defined as heck & was truly beautiful, considering it was a jungle when I arrived.

    My customer said, "How much do I owe you?"

    I said, "$25.00" I could care less really, I figured I do like the guy, he has the potential to keep me busy if he does any more sales etc.

    but NOPE... he says, "I'll give you $20.00" ...

    All I could do was laugh & say, "That's fine, as long as YOU ARE HAPPY!"

    he said, "I am very happy with the work!"

    I wished him good luck & went on my way, feeling sad as I watched him picking up garbage and junk from the property as he wore his expensive suit.

    ANYWAY, so my day wasn't to bad. I mowed a lawn for free for a friend, almost broke my mower on his crappy lawn. There are basically lumps & grooves & ditches aka potholes in the grass. I gave my friend the dirtiest look when my mower made the sound of death. He walked inside as I eyeballed him. LMAO.

    So after a few other lawns, I head to the bank to pay of some bills. I open a new account called, "esavings" basically a high interest savings account where you get .750% on every dollar... Awesome!

    The teller had me fill out a few questions, one said, "do you make $$$$$$ a year"

    she then said, "I'll click the OTHER button, unless you have a sugar daddy?"

    Made my day!

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    WHAT!?!?!? Thast kind of professionalism and care to get his lawn just right and he barks at $25????
    I hope you pick up some biz elsewhere so you can tell him to go where the sun don't shine.
    I wouldn't unload for ANYTHING less than $25 and have told a few potential customers that as well. I might have lost some biz because of this but hey, we're in biz to make $$$$!!!


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      Great story
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