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REWARD-Stolen Lawn Mowers

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  • REWARD-Stolen Lawn Mowers

    Reward for valid information on items stolen on July 22, 2009 in Benton, KY

    1999 Dodge 2500 SLT Extended Cab Short Bed Diesel Pickup
    Ignition was broken out during the theft
    Maroon with Chrome on Bottom
    Chrome Tubular Bedrails & Sidesteps
    5th Wheel Hitch in Truck Bed
    VIN: 1B7KC2360XJ505200 License Plate: 096GLS

    2003 Dixie Chopper 72” S’ Burb’ N’ Turb’ N’ Lawn Mower
    Model: XXW4000-72 Serial #: 3039758

    2003 Dixie Chopper 60” Xtreme Lawn Mower
    Serial #: 3039588

    2002 Custom Built Load Trail Carhauler Trailer 16” - Red
    Dual Axles with Surge Brakes
    Diamond Plate on Top of Fenders & Front Sides
    Delta Diamond Plate Tool Box across Front
    Red Lucabond Filled-In Sides
    Backsaver Tailgate Lift Assist (One on each side)
    Model: CH516 VIN: 4ZECDF162521150611

    Derringer Stainless Over & Under 22 Magnum Pistol
    Cambell Hasfeld 11 Gallon Air Tank – Red
    Red Max Weed Eater with 2 Hedge Trimmer Attachments
    Red Max Weed Eater Trimmer with 2 Extra Heads
    Red Max Handheld Blower (HB250)
    Stil – Handheld Trimmer (HS80)
    Solo – 2 Backpack Sprayers
    Craftsman – Extra Large Tool Box & Tools
    Elvex –Protective Headphones w/ Radio (Yellow – COM666R)
    Misc. Tools, Shovels, Racks, Axes, Safety Equipment, Gas Cans

    These items along with other commercial mowers and trailers have been stolen in Marshall County over the past two weeks.

    Contact reply or call the Marshall County Sheriff at 270-527-COPS with valid information regarding items stolen or persons responsible for the theft. Your identity can be kept anonymous.
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    My utmost sympathy goes out to you! They sure did a good job of totally wiping you out.
    During this economic struggle, things like this are unfortunately going to get worse and not better. People are losing jobs and incomes and are having to resort to stealing, and this affects each and every one of us. Another unfortunate fact is that insurance company's aren't covering what they lead you on to think they are. They're feeling the pinch too and are passing the perverbial "crap" down the hill.
    This should be a wake up call to all of us. Everyone needs to evaluate how safe your equipment really is when you park it at night. Theft isn't the only threat. You also need to think about your competition as well. Just think how easy it would be to sabatage your equipment (via gas tanks or oil reservoirs) In tough times like these, it would definately benefit someone who's losing lots of customers to take out another lawn service for the rest of the season and gain their customers. Just a thought!

    WestKYMower -
    I'm assuming you're located in western Kentucky. I'm in northeast Missouri. I will do my best to keep an eye out for you on this end, however I'd almost bet it's still somewhere near your area. Keep your head up man. I know it's frustrating, but with all that taken, there's not too many ways to hide it all. Having been in law enforcement in the past, I can tell you that a thief's worst enemy is his mouth. 99% of them just can't wait to brag on such a huge catch like that, and before too much longer, they're gonna shoot themselves in the foot. My best advice: Make some flyers up from the information you posted and take them to all the convenience stores, WalMarts, fast food places, and mower service places and put them up where EVERYBODY can see them. Ask them if you can put them on the entrance doors and on the countertops. Get them where all the attention is. The more pressure you put on these guys, the more likely you are to get them caught. Also go to the newspaper and have them put in an article with all the information. Get the word out. Your chances double!
    By the way, just for your satisfaction. Theft of a firearm is a federal offense. That will carry some pretty good time. And it doesn't matter if they knew they were taking a gun or not. Also, in Missouri, theft of anything worth an amount of over $500 is a felony. These fellas are looking at some super serious charges and time. Best of luck partner! Keep us informed!!
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