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Trading Services With Customers?

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  • Trading Services With Customers?

    Many of my customers are business owners themselves. The thought of trading my services for their services has crossed my mind a few times.

    1 customer owns a jewelry store, he designs & creates everything he sells.
    (big house, pays very late, PITA)

    1 customer installs hardwood floors.
    (Average house, pays early and tips)

    3 customers are real estate agents.
    (Average houses, they all SUCK at paying, PITA)

    2 Customers are Pharmacists
    (Big houses, pays early, PITA)

    1 Customer is a Doctor
    (Big house, pays early)

    1 is a Taxi Driver
    (average house, pays late-never, PITA)

    1 is an electrician
    (Average house, pays early)

    1 of them works for a phone company (nothing great I guess)
    (Average house, pays early, PITA)

    1 of them works for a company, by marketing it's product.
    (Big house, pays early)

    1 is a teacher
    (Average house, pays early)

    and the list goes on.

    Several customers are retired, or work from home... Many of them drive me crazy with curiosity!!!

    Have you ever tried searching your customers up on the internet? Maybe their services might be worth trading yours for?

    When I worked with my father (not stepfather) he owned a lawn service, & he spoke to the mayor of a city & was given tons of properties to maintain.

    Maybe there is a possibility to contact someone of a higher power, in order to get work? I'm not sure how my dad went about it.

    It's a shame he stopped his business, I remember when he started he owned 2 toro mowers, which he'd put in the back of his small hatchback car. it actually got the job done well. Those were good days!

    Then he went into house cleaning, & he landed a job taking care of some commercial building & he made a living off of it. Then he went into real estate & now sells homes, it's what he's doing now.

    He started off by making furniture, then becoming a security guard, and doing all sorts of wild things. He even worked in mines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish I knew everything he did, I'd love to sit down & ask him everything he attempted & his opinions & suggestions & if anything went wrong? HMM!


    Oh & guess who's getting an amber ring with BREEZE engraved into it? LOL

    I had too....

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    I trade with a local coffee shop, tiny little place, I just blow off the small lot, and pull a couple weeds, i get $60 per month in coffee, etc.

    I do work for a cosmetic surgeon who does laser hair removal (my wifes friends are totally jealous, and shes almost done with all her appointments).

    Another is a retired pediatrician, which works out perfect, cause I have 3 kids!

    Just did some work for a graphic artist who created some flyers, new logo etc.

    In times like this, trading for work is the way to go.
    Northern California


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