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    The other day I was driving in a car and on the radio came this Metallica song Cyanide.

    The rhythm of this song just runs strong. It's like a train barreling through a concrete wall. Boom Boom Boom it goes and goes

    Then I was thinking even though this song is close to a year old, I hadn't heard much of it but I was just impressed on how it got the band back to some serious hard core metal.

    After all these years it's so cool to see this group continue forwards and keep the flame burning.

    How do they do it? How did this band last as long as they did? There have been so many other metal bands that came and went. How did these guys end of sticking together and create this opportunity to continue to turn out such awesome music?

    What about businesses? How many are able to last and continue to turn out great stuff?

    It seems like not many and it makes me wonder why.

    What's your take on this?

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