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$12.99 Special?

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  • $12.99 Special?

    How do you compete with this? Well I havent actually heard anyone signing up for this, but Im sure he gets work!
    Northern California

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    Sounds like a pizza special haha..

    And what I find funny, it's says at the bottom it's not OK to contact this person for commercial purposes hahaha


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      What an IDIOT!!!

      I mean, DAMN! $12.99!?!?!? wow, what money losing deal for poor Brian!!
      And yes, it DOES sound like a pizza special.


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        12.99 lawn maint. special,
        Date: 2009-06-30, 11:14AM PDT

        call 246 7385
        brian leave message
        WOW well, I am guessing they won't be in business for long.
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          WOW well, I am guessing they won't be in business for long.
          I agree in that they will not be around long, I have seen a few cheap mows and picked up clients as we had the lawn next to them, the difference is pretty crazy and I will take and post a picture.

          There is or could be a catch, that is one marketing tatic I really hate and drives me nuts, my daughter just graduated and wanted a new bedroom suite so we went shopping Monday, OMG what you read outside the store on Ad's is not the way it is inside the store.....I will take a week and build one.

          Anyhow, it's hard when building your company to not let this stuff get to you and sometimes it gets to me but you have to shrug it off, laugh it off and keep on keeping on.
          Halifax, Nova Scotia


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            That is typical Craigslist ad in my area.


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              I confronted "the kid down the street" the other day, & asked him how he likes mowing lawns.

              We discussed his pricing, which was $5.00 a cut... I then asked him how he gets gas, etc..

              He said the money goes towards the gas, and my other equipment is electric.

              Then I stared at him...

              and he stared at me...

              then I lifted an eyebrow...

              then he looked away...

              then I said, "are you crazy?"

              he said, "why?"

              I said, "Your losing money"

              he said, "oh..."

              and that was it... one more punk out of here!


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