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I thought it was Saturday... Damn!

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  • I thought it was Saturday... Damn!

    Alright, so an old friend of mine happened to give me a call & update me on his life, vice versa.

    We had been great buds back in the day & I asked him what his plans were tonight, he said he had nothing to do. I said we should go grab a few beers, on me.

    We went to the bar & let me tell ya, big mistake. 10pm - 2:30am of non stop alcohol... We drank just about every brand of booze the bar had.

    My friend then says this one line, the line that made me want to kill myself.

    "Oh man, I'm going to have a tough day Monday"

    my responde, "Haha, ... AHHH SH**!!! What?!"

    I thought it was Saturday...

    So I stumble myself home, trying not to fall asleep in any parks on the way.

    I get home, plop in bed & then it comes... 7:00AM .. beep!..beep!..beep!

    I roll out of bed & basically ripped off my bedroom door trying to open it.. I use my head to open the washroom door. I look at myself in the mirror & man, I was gone. My eyes are dark brown & they looked hazel at the time. I went to the kitchen & made some coffee, & some toast. I say forget it, left my coffee & toast in the kitchen & went back to sleep.

    Then my phone rings, "Hi I'd like lawn service"

    In my head I was saying, "Please say you don't want MY lawn service"

    But nope, got a new customer. Lawn hasn't been done yet, & it's freakin' huge.

    Today was probably the toughest day yet, leaning on trees while trimming, etc... lol

    Mind you I have been hungover last year with double the houses I do... It sucks...

    SO just a reminder to all of you & myself.. Don't drink & mow, it hurts. And always keep your eye on the date!

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