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  • Great Night

    So my buddy & I haven't had all the time in the world to hangout, so lately whenever we do we have great conversations. In order to have these brilliant & unimaginable discussions we require booze.

    From what I recall, we split a case of 24, & a few 40's, bottle of tequilla, sangria, etc. We both got hungry within time, & we couldn't find anything to eat, but he did have chocolate milk!

    Just to let you know, my friends fridge had broken hours earlier, so the milk was warm & almost ready to turn into cheese lmao.

    We made ourselves chocolate milk, & decided to go for a walk.

    Too make a long story short,

    we both woke up in a park today, my friend in the sand box & myself plastered on the grass.

    What have a learned? Nothing. ... or you could bring a pillow...

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    *What have a learned? Nothing. ... or you could bring a pillow... *

    MAybe you will learn to grow up buddy! Sleeping in parks is not cool


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      Haha! Your right it wasn't cool, but cool enough I didn't have to wake up naked. feeeelin the breeeze... One time another friend of mine passed out on his doorstep, another fell asleep in a bus shelter, this was a birthday celebration for all my friends (we all share the same bday month) headed out to the strip club already passing out.

      I have actually learned something, if your drinking and you have gone through & discussed more than 30 topics, you need to call it a night. Discussions about movies, business, religion, the future, & physics will lead you to your doom.


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        You should have gotten a picture of that LOL
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